Elteknik engineering team provides services for design and consultancy on electrical systems, security systems and building automation systems. Our engineering team has a proven experience in dealing with challenging projects and providing engineering solutions for projects of all scales.
Our team of designers always seeks to incorporate in our designs the latest European and International standards and norms for the design of such systems. The engineering team is also certified for the design of such systems based on the latest requirements of international standards and norms. We are constantly looking to improve our designs by incorporating new technologies and the latest advances in our engineering fields.

Our services include:

  • Project consultancy services
  • Preliminary design
  • Development design
  • Detailed design
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Preparation of technical reports
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Preparation of as-built drawings
  • Preparation of designs in 2D and 3D formats in Autocad, Revit, etc.


Elteknik provides engineering services for the design and implementation of Electrical Installations and Power Distribution systems. Our experienced engineering staff provides solutions for all electrical installations including:

  • Electrical Substations
  • Transformers and Switchgears
  • MV and LV Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Distribution Switchboards
  • Power Supply by Generators
  • Power Supply by UPS
  • General Electrical Installations for Power
  • Electrical Cabling infrastructure with Cable Tray Systems
  • Grounding systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Elteknik’s engineering team can provide the required expertise on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficient solutions based on the project profile and client requirements. Our solutions include specifically:

  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Intelligent LED Street Lighting Systems
  • Building Automation Systems to improve energy efficiency of buildings

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At Elteknik we provide services for the design and implementation of Lighting Systems for all types of building and applications. With a long experience in this field, our engineering team can provide Lighting solutions for any type of project. Our solutions include:

  • Indoor Lighting solutions for buildings
  • Façade Lighting solutions for buildings
  • Outdoors and Landscape Lighting solutions for buildings
  • Street Lighting Systems and Lighting Solutions for Public Spaces
  • Infrastructure for electrical installations for outdoor lighting systems

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IT-Data, Telephone and TV Networks

Our experienced engineering team can provide services for the design and implementation of data and telecommunications networks for all types of buildings. Elteknik’s solutions include:

  • Data Center solutions
  • Rack Cabinets
  • Passive network infrastructure equipment
  • Data network installations
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Telephone systems
  • TV system installations
  • Network cabling infrastructure installations

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Fire Detection Systems

Elteknik provides services for the design and implementation of Fire Detection Systems with a wide range of applications. Fire Detection Systems are vital in response to fire threats that endanger human life and valuable property. Our expert engineering team has a long experience in providing solutions for Fire Detection Systems for every type of application. Our solutions include:

  • Addressable Fire Detection Systems with smoke, heat or multi-criteria point detectors
  • ASD - Aspirating Smoke Detector Systems
  • Line type Heat Detection Systems
  • Beam type Smoke Detection Systems
  • CO and NO2 Gas Detection Systems
  • Visualization software for Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems for data centers

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Elteknik provides professional solutions for Access Control Systems in buildings and premises where security of staff and property is of primary importance. Our engineering team can offer solutions for every type of building with specific requirements as per client requests. Our solutions for Access Control Systems include:

  • Access Control with conventional readers for access cards, key fobs, etc.
  • Access Control with biometric readers
  • Access Control by mobile phone virtual credentials
  • Turnstile, tripod, gate and barrier systems
  • Time & Attendance solutions
  • Access Control Systems Management Software
  • Parking Management Systems

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Intrusion Detection Systems

With the expertise of our engineering team we can provide solutions for the design and implementation of Intrusion Detection Systems for enhancing the security of private properties and giving alarms in case of burglary attempts. Solutions for Intrusion Detection Systems include:

  • Intrusion detection with infrared and microwave detectors
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Central monitoring and control of the system
  • Alarm notifications with mobile application or via SMS

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CCTV Video Monitoring Systems

Elteknik provides services for the design and implementation of CCTV Video Monitoring Systems for enhancing the security of buildings and other public spaces. Video Monitoring Systems allow for the real time monitoring of events by security personnel of a building and automatic record of all events that can be later searched and analyzed by security personnel. Our solutions include:

  • Wide range of IP Camera solutions
  • PTZ Cameras
  • ANPR Camera and Parking Management System
  • Intercom solutions
  • NVR – Network Video Recorder solutions
  • Software for Video Monitoring System
  • Solutions for Security Rooms
  • Network infrastructure for video monitoring systems
  • Integration with intrusion detection systems

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Audio and Voice Evacuation Systems

Elteknik offers professional solutions for Audio Systems and Voice Evacuation Systems for a wide range of building applications. These systems are intended to provide solutions regarding security in case of Voice Evacuations Systems, call functionality for Public Announcements or entertainment functionality with music playback. Solutions on these systems may apply to a wide range of buildings from public buildings such as hospitals and schools, hotels, to private residential buildings. Our solutions include:

  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Public Address System
  • Background Music Playback Systems
  • Conference Hall Audio Management System
  • Multi-Room Audio Systems

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Emergency Lighting Systems

Elteknik’s engineering staff can provide professional solutions in the design and implementation of Emergency Lighting Systems. These systems are crucial in terms of life safety to guide building occupants in a safe evacuation of the building in case of emergencies. Solutions that we can provide include:

  • Exit Lights and Signs
  • Emergency Lighting Luminaries
  • Central Battery System
  • Central Monitoring System of Emergency Lighting

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Underfloor Heating Systems

Elteknik provides solutions for Electrical Underfloor Heating Systems for various types of applications as per project requirements. Our engineering team can provide services for the design and implementation of underfloor heating solutions according to project specifications. Our solutions include:

  • Underfloor Heating with electrical resistance cables installed in floor sublayers
  • Underfloor Heating with adhesive mesh and thin resistance cable under tiles and marble floors
  • Underfloor Heating with electrical resistance cables under wooden and laminate floors
  • Snow and ice protection systems for roofs and gutters
  • Snow and ice protection systems for driveways and walkways
  • Application for management of the underfloor heating systems

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BMS and Smart Home Systems

Elteknik’s experienced engineering team can provide professional solutions for the design and implementation of automation systems such as BMS – Building Automation Systems or Smart Home Systems. These systems provide possibility for centralized control and management of all electrical and mechanical systems in a building, providing better energy efficiency, reduced building operation costs and improved comfort to building occupants at the same time. Our solutions include:
A) BMS – Building Management Systems for control and management of:

  • HVAC systems and all of its components
  • Electrical substations and switchboards
  • Pump stations
  • Power metering solutions
  • Lighting systems
  • Shading systems
  • Integrations with security systems
  • Software solution for centralized control of the systems from Building Operation Station
  • Scheduled and timed events
  • Automatic control with programmed logic scenarios based on building operations / management requirements

B) Smart Home Systems:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting control
  • Motorized blinds, curtains and rollers control
  • Air Conditioning Systems control
  • Audio system control
  • Power supply to home appliances
  • Integrations with security systems
  • Smart panels integration and pushbutton integration
  • Application for remote control of the system
  • Scheduled events, pre-programmed scenes to be activated based on predefined inputs, logics etc.

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