Rolling Hills Villas

Rolling Hills Villas

Rolling Hills Luxury Residences is a gated luxury residential community; best in class and first of its kind in Albania. The complex has 114 top luxury villas, a club house, park and other communal recreation area in Petrela near Tirana, Albania. To get a teaser of the project you may follow this animation link:

Elteknik's engagement in the Rolling Hills Luxury Residences includes various tasks as shown below:

         1. Design of the electric project for the entire complex, namely the following tasks:

  • Medium Voltage power supply system design along with the substations
  • Low Voltage power supply system design
  • Design of the infrastructure of electric services
  • Design of the Exterior Lighting
  • Design of common services system (drinking water, fire extinguisher, sewage water treatment) supplied by the mains grid or by power generators
  • Central power supply system design in case of emergency through the Medium Voltage distribution network
  • Design of the electric project of individual villas
  • Security systems for the villas

2. Project implementation of Elteknik in this residential complex includes Chateau-s and several other villas with works as shown below:

  • Power transformers with an installed power capacity of 400 kVA
  • Alternative power sources with 400 kVA installed power generators
  • Infrastructure of mounting, infrastructure of electric cables, bus bars etc. for supplying with power all power consumers
  • Lighting System (power supply, lighting control, light sources)
  • Emergency Lighting System (UPS supplied)
  • Evacuation Lighting System
  • Telecommunication System (passive cabling network, active network with switches, servers etc.)
  • Integrated Security Systems (fire alarm system, surveillance and IP camera recording system, Intrusion Alarm System, Entry Control system, Voiced Evacuation System, Sound System etc.)
  • BMS (Building Management System) – Information, Control and  Management of electrical, mechanical, HVAC, fire extinguishing, water supply systems
  • Smart Home Integration system