We are driven by trust, honesty and respect in engaging with employees and stakeholders in business as well as the wider society which we consider ourselves deeply anchored in.



We adhere to the highest standards in health & safety and in promoting ethical business practices by aligning responsibility and accountability across the entire organization.



We are a long-term trusted partner for our customers and business partners offering excellent products & services as well as continuous support of the highest grade.



We embrace societal development and technological advancement as means toward enabling harmonious and progress-oriented environments where all individuals can thrive.

To be a successful investor fostering energy efficiency and sustainable comfort lifestyle by driving digitalization in the construction industry and beyond.

We strive for continuous innovation and accompany our customers on long-term journeys.

We promote integrated lifecycle planning, execution and support in all our projects.

We are committed to sustainable products & services that lead to a better quality of life.

Elteknik is an Engineering Company founded in 1995 in Tirana, Albania. Since then, the company has provided services of the highest quality in the electrical engineering sector and has proven throughout the years as a reliable partner for its clients.

For more than 27 years Elteknik has provided Engineering Services for the Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Electrical Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Security Systems and Automation Systems.

Our Engineering Team has been taking part in creative, intelligent and professional solutions for projects in a vast range of sectors, including Shopping Malls and Commercial Buildings, Hotels and Resorts, Office Buildings, Residential Buildings and Residential Villa Complex Developments, Governmental Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Healthcare Facilities, Educational Buildings, Sport Facilities, etc.


At Elteknik we provide services for the design and implementation of Lighting Systems for all types of building and applications. With a long experience in this field, our engineering team can provide Lighting solutions for any type of project. Our solutions include:

  • Indoor Lighting solutions for buildings
  • Façade Lighting solutions for buildings
  • Outdoors and Landscape Lighting solutions for buildings
  • Street Lighting Systems and Lighting Solutions for Public Spaces
  • Infrastructure for electrical installations for outdoor lighting systems

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BMS and Smart Home Systems

Elteknik’s experienced engineering team can provide professional solutions for the design and implementation of automation systems such as BMS – Building Automation Systems or Smart Home Systems. These systems provide possibility for centralized control and management of all electrical and mechanical systems in a building, providing better energy efficiency, reduced building operation costs and improved comfort to building occupants at the same time. Our solutions include:
A) BMS – Building Management Systems for control and management of:

  • HVAC systems and all of its components
  • Electrical substations and switchboards
  • Pump stations
  • Power metering solutions
  • Lighting systems
  • Shading systems
  • Integrations with security systems
  • Software solution for centralized control of the systems from Building Operation Station
  • Scheduled and timed events
  • Automatic control with programmed logic scenarios based on building operations / management requirements

B) Smart Home Systems:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting control
  • Motorized blinds, curtains and rollers control
  • Air Conditioning Systems control
  • Audio system control
  • Power supply to home appliances
  • Integrations with security systems
  • Smart panels integration and pushbutton integration
  • Application for remote control of the system
  • Scheduled events, pre-programmed scenes to be activated based on predefined inputs, logics etc.

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